harvey tablesaws

A table saw is an important piece of machinery required in all woodworking workshops, and there’s a lot of choice in the Australian market. This article discusses and compares the features and benefits of the Harvey table saws vs other table saws, available in Australia. As the former distributor of other well-known table saws, and the current distributor of Harvey – no-one in Australia knows these saws better than the team at Gregory Machinery. 

In recent years the popularity of the Laguna Fusion table saws has grown with great consumer awareness and brand recognition. In 2020, Harvey’s new range of table saws was launched properly in the Australian market, and they rival the functionality, features and capacity of the other table saws on the market. Let us explain in more detail.  

The Harvey Ambassador 30” model table saw (C200-30) vs the Laguna Fusion F2 

The Harvey Ambassador C200-30 table saw has a more powerful 2.2HP motor compared to the 1.75HP found on the Laguna Fusion F2 but still only requires a standard 10amp powerpoint. 

In this respect the Harvey Ambassador C200-30 table saw is a lot closer to a true cabinet saw with its more powerful motor coupled with its thicker gauge, steel cabinet and cast iron trunnion system. Compared to the lighter constructed hybrid design and aluminium trunnion system of the Laguna F2 Fusion.

Similarly, the Harvey Ambassador features a heavier duty T-square, European style, high-low fence.  This fence has been designed to glide both effortlessly and lock positively referencing around all three sides of the one-piece, solid steel, box-section front rail.  This is in stark contrast to the lighter duty fence and two-piece aluminium front rail found on the Laguna Fusion F2. 


The difference in construction and build quality between these two models is no better illustrated by their respective weights.  At 175kg the Harvey Ambassador provides greater stability weighing almost half as much more (50kg) than the Laguna Fusion F2 at only 125kg. 

Even with a reduced rip capacity at 30” as opposed to 36”, the Harvey Ambassador is heavier duty and more powerful saw in a convenient and more compact footprint. 

The dado table insert is supplied as standard and not as an optional extra on all Harvey Table Saws.  

As icing on the cake, the Harvey C200-30 table saw is $550 cheaper than the Laguna Fusion F2 table saw making it exceptional value for money. 

The Harvey Ambassador C200-30 vs the Laguna Fusion F1 

There is no comparison between the Harvey C200 vs the Laguna Fusion F1 table saw – The Harvey saw is far superior and heavier duty. It weighs 100kgs more than the F1 which is essentially a light-duty contractor’s saw and for the additional $360 most woodworkers would invest in the best to enjoy years of stress-free woodworking.  

The Harvey Alpha HW110LC-36 Table saw vs the Laguna Fusion F2 and F3  

The Harvey Alpha table saw has all the advantages of the Ambassador Saw (above) but with a larger  2.5HP motor and the same 36” rip capacity as the Laguna Fusion F2 & F3. Further to this, it has as standard an 800mm deep cast-iron tabletop compared to 685mm. This provides a larger reference surface before the blade for more stable stock support and accuracy. 


Harvey Alpha HW110LC-36 Cabinet Table Saw

The Harvey Alpha saws also feature a unique Golden Titanium nitride coated TiN table to inhibit rust and to aid stock transition, a great benefit for the Australian elements. 


The Harvey Alpha saws also come supplied as standard with a superior, rigid and self-supporting overhead and below dust extraction system keeping it well clear of any cutting operation stock coupled with a premium blade guard.


Both the European style hi-lo fence and full-length box-section front rail have been beefed up further again for added stability, rigidity and accuracy.  However, the Alpha Series has the added benefit of individual dual sights on the fence to easily register and reference both the high and low fence positions. 


Lastly, Harvey’s new premium COMPASS MG-36 Mitre Gauge supplied as standard that would otherwise sell for more than $500 separately.  

The team at Gregory Machinery understand in-depth the two brands and we’re happy to discuss your personal woodworking requirements to recommend the best table saw for your needs. Contact us or visit our showroom to see the Harvey table saws.