Often, the quality of a car is measured by how fast it can get from 0-100 km/hr. In woodworking its measured on how easy a machine can transition from one mode to another. In this case – its 0 – 90 degrees in less than 5 seconds on the Woodman Combination Planer/Thicknesser.

The versatility of the machine makes it an irresistible machine for all woodworkers. The Woodman combination machines comes in three sizes – 10” (260mm), 12” (310mm) or 16” (410mm). If this machine is not already on your wish list, it will be after we take you through 5 reasons to own a Woodman Combination Planer/Thicknesser machine.

Saves space in the workshop

For some home hobbyists or commercial businesses, workshop space is prime real estate. The Woodman Combination Planer/ Thicknesser takes up less space than a traditional thicknesser or planer (jointer) and obviously a lot of room if you have both in your current workshop! Ditch having two separate machines taking up precious space and opt for a machine that helps conduct both operations. The Woodman PT310HH, PT260HH or PT410HH can also be put onto a mobile base and easily wheeled in and out of the way, as required.

Woodman combination Planer/Thicknesser

Easy transition from planer to thicknesser operation

Transition from planing mode to thicknessing mode in less than 5 seconds and back again with ease. Unlike other machines, the Woodman has a few small functions to perform.  Simply unlatch the table, lift the tabletop up out the way, flip and reconnect the dust chute. The fence and blade guard remain in situ leaving you ready to go as soon as the machine is returned to jointing mode. The spring supports under the table makes this transition a breeze and can be done by anyone.

PT310 helical cutter head

Smooth cutterhead

The Woodman Planer / Thicknesser combination machines all come supplied standard with a helical cutterhead. The spiral cutterhead with its superior slicing action results in an effortless and smoother finish.  The spiral cutterhead leaves little or no tear out even in the most difficult or highly figured of timbers – an almost impossible feat to achieve on a machine with traditional planer blades. After the surfaces have been run through the planer/thicknesser machine, it’s good-to-go straight to finish sanding.

Whisper quiet

Due to the slicing action of the helical cutterhead and coupled with a heavy duty but silent running induction motor this machine is whisper quiet and can be run anytime of the day. Interestingly, the dust collector attached to the PT machine will give off more noise than the machine. You can hold a conversation as timber is being planed or passed through the thicknesser. Isn’t that music to the ears of woodworkers!

Changing of knives

The helical cutterhead consists of four rows of small square knives each made of tungsten carbide with four individual and slightly radiused cutting edges.  Each knife can be easily and quickly rotated 90 degrees to present a new, sharp edge reducing any downtime to a minimum.  Since tungsten carbide is four times more hard wearing than high speed steel this effectively gives you 16 times the life over machine with traditional planer blades.  It will be a long time before you even have to consider replacing or sharpening these knives.

Get in touch with our friendly staff to chat through even more reasons why you should invest in the Woodman Planer/Thicknesser combination machine.