Supermax is the industry leader in drum sanders, designing and engineering sanders ideal for a home hobbyist through to major commercial operations. There is a single or dual drum sander to meet all woodworking and sanding applications, taking the fuss out of leveling and sander your timber projects.  

The Supermax range of single drum sanders offer a selection of widths to suit your timber sanding requirements. The smallest sander is the 16-32 and the largest single drum sander is the 25-50. Let’s deep dive into some of the key features and benefits of the Supermax 25-50 Sander, remembering that the same features can be found on the smaller version machines.  

Ideal for the small to medium workshops, the width of the drum sander allows for wide boards to be processed effortlessly speeding up your sanding projects and eliminating the need for hand sanding.  Whether you’re making tables, sanding veneers, building cutting boards or constructing cabinet doors, the Supermax sander will be your best friend.  

The key features of the Supermax 25-50 Drum Sander 

1) Cast iron construction  

All woodworkers know the more cast iron on the machine the better. A sturdy construction reduces vibration, which is important when you’re trying to create a smooth timber finish. The Supermax 25-50 Drum Sander is constructed with solid cast iron on the machine frame and surrounding the drum, eliminating the amount of vibration transferred onto the timber.   

2) Conveyor support extension 

While some machines only have a support frame that extends the length of the drum, the Supermax sanders allow for additional support on the side to help when sanding large pieces. This increased support past the end of the roller increases the point of balance stopping the work from tipping and ensuring a consistent and uniform finish on even the widest of boards.  The extension removes any lines in the timber that make occur due to manually holding the excess timber.  

3) Indexed alignment setting 

Thifast lever makes it easy to change alignment settings for narrow and wide stock. A simple flip of the lever and the conveyor table is adjusted ever so slightly out of parallel.  This is perfect when working wider than 25” (635mm) relieving the far end of sanding drum, for flawless wide sanding and forever removing those unsightly and tell-tale drag marks from the middle of your work.  No longer needing to work wider than the standard drum? No problem,  simply flip the lever again and your back to parallel in seconds! 

4) Digital read-out (DRO)  

Not a standard feature on most drum sanders, the Supermax digital read-out helps understand the height of the drum helping you sand accurately to the thousandths of a millimeter and reduce over sandingThe DRO also gives you the feed rate to reduce unwanted tension on the timber that can lead to wood burn.

5) Adjustable Stock Stop

Adjustable stop for quick and easy referencing of your stock relative to the sanding drum as well as the thickness and grit of sandpaper being used. 

6) Automatic conveyor belt feed 

The INTELLISANDTM Technology found on this Supermax sander assists with automatically adjusting the conveyor speed based on load. This helps prevent gouging, damaging or burning the material, providing a consistent finish even with the varying grain pattern. 

6) Additional support in optional accessories 

The optional additional accessories of the in-feed and out-feed tables provide additional support for later timber projects while waiting to be fed through the drum. The beauty with these tables is they fold down u when not in operation, allowing you more real estate in your workshop.  

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