Dust Extraction & Accessories

Often when purchasing new machinery little consideration is given to dust extraction and waste removal. At Gregory Machinery we have always had a strong focus of dust collection and ensure when our customers are purchasing woodworking machinery, they are consoliding dust removal at the same time.

Whether you’re at home in your workshop, an Education Department or run a manufacturing business, this is an important issue for both your health, your employees, and to the machinery as well.

Dust Collection Units

We cater for all markets with a variety of portable extraction units, downdraft tables, air filtration systems and medium to large internal or external Cyclone Systems. If it’s a portable unit or a larger cyclone system, it is also important to consider the filtration of the material. The air that comes back out of your extractor inside your workshop is the air you breathe.

Our filter cartridges for our portable and large cyclone units are manufactured right here in Queensland, these filters are made from a P.T.F.E membrane material which provides efficiency of 99.7% @ 0.3 micron subject to the correct filtration velocities.

A high-quality dust extractor with the correct filtration will provide your workspace with a cleaner floor and cleaner air. An air filtration system is also important as not all machines have an adequate capture point for all the dust. The air filtration unit can capture this dust as it becomes airborne in your workshop.

Cyclone systems

Our larger cyclone systems are accompanied by a full installation team that specialise in ducting larger workshops from manufacturing, education and much more. These larger systems can be coupled with our fully automated system that will avoid operator error and provide the correct air flow throughout your ducted system.

Automating your ducted system with our system will also reduce your power consumption by decreasing the required power dependant of the machinery in use at any given time.

Reduce the amount of dust circulating around your workshop by finding out how we can help with your workshop extraction system requirements.