Gregory Machinery works closely with Education Queensland & NSW Department of Education to provide quality woodworking machinery for schools. This includes schools, colleges and TAFEs and our machinery range extends to  metalworking and STEM machinery to stay abreast with the teachings of the curriculum and technology advancements.

One of the main reasons why Gregory Machinery continues to be one of the main suppliers to schools is that the Machinery Centre ensures all machinery for educational purposes has the required safety switching, emergency stops and compliance.

Gregory Machinery has a large vehicle fleet allowing the whole process of delivery, installation and training to be completed in a timely, seamless manner. With the help of our experienced staff members, we have been looking after schools since 1984.

Our experience can help schools set up and maintain a fully functional, safe environment for students to learn in. Our staff help design class room layouts and custom- design dust collection units to meet each and every different application.

As a supplier of woodworking machinery to Educations Departments, Gregory Machinery is dedicated to providing the best quality, safest and most reliable products available. We also ensure schools stay compliant with Health and Safety regulations with our annual machine audit program.

Our team welcomes any feedback from our clients, so we can continue to improve and provide the best products and service for education departments throughout Australia.