Machine Audit from Gregory Machinery

Here at Gregory Machinery, we pride ourselves in our experienced service and operations team. Our team of highly skilled technicians allows us to provide a wide range of valuable services such as breakdown repairs, modifications, dust extraction services as well as machinery audits. Complete the form below to arrange a machine audit.

Machinery Audit

Originally designed solely for the education departments to keep all ‘manual arts’ workshops safe and problem-free.  Machinery audits have now become a mandatory annual requirement for state and private schools.

  • Once a machinery audit is booked in, one of our technicians will be sent out to your premises.
  • While they are there they will check overall machinery, take photographs, document model and serial numbers and provide a written report of each machine. This will also include what is required to ensure all machines meet the Standard Order Arrange (SOA).
  • After this,  the report will be emailed for further decisions to be made in regards to what upgrades or repairs are required.
  • From here, a quote for the work will be provided and if agreed upon will be booked in.
  • The final step will be to have the repairs or upgrades undertaken and completed.


 Having your machinery audited and upgraded annually has many benefits especially when it comes to Health and Safety Regulations.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Keeping your machinery SOA Compliant.
  • Assisting with safety audits.
  • Using the report information provided for your asset registry.
  • Creating a safer environment.
  • Decreases the chance of accidents.

Complete the form below to arrange a Gregory Machinery machine audit.