Measuring Systems 

From roller conveyors with manual measuring stops, semi-automatic or fully automatic measuring systems, Gregory Machinery has you covered. 

It doesn’t matter what size of work shop you have small, medium or large. Everyone needs to measure parts with speed, accuracy and safety. We have solutions for any manufacturer wanting to gain that competitive edge. 

Whether you have woodwork or metalworking machinery the best solution for improving your processing speeds can be found in our large range of measuring systems. 

Roller Conveyors

You can select from roller conveyors or flat worktop tables fitted with automated solutions such as Saw Gear or TigerStop. Both automated measuring options are easy to operate and don’t take highly skilled operators as you can be trained within 10 minutes and be ready to go! 

Whilst some lower production requirements can use the manual measuring techniques of a measuring tape and gang stop, medium and higher production requires repeated accuracy and zero mistakes. 

Conveyor Systems

We also have a range of conveyor systems that have a built-in measuring system with a digital display that have been designed with pvc rollers that make them highly suited to the aluminium industry. 

With SawGear you will be set up in minutes and have a highly accurate measuring system that will do away with a measuring tape, speed up your operation with repeatable accuracy. 

Taking advantage of TigerStop’ s full automated and interlocked system will allow any operator the ability to take control of the operating plant with ease and maximum productivity. Look at our video’s and see for yourself how these measuring systems will complement your production needs. 

Stop throwing away material and having unwanted mistakes that is costing your business money. With the correct measuring system for your needs you will be the manufacturing giant your business should be. Contact one of our team today to find out what’s best for you.