Router Tables

Knowing what you need in a Router Table can be tricky with so many Router Tables on the market. Whether you are an enthusiast or a weekend warrior, the right router table will transform your workshop projects into a masterpiece and pleasure to use.

The Jessem router table here a Gregory Machinery is the right tool for the job. Below are some key reasons why once you buy a Jessem router table you will never need to buy another one again!

Reasons to buy a JessEm Router

Access to changing router bits on a table can be one of the most frustrating elements if you need to remove the router to change the bits. The JessEm machine allows access to the collets from the top of the table. Resulting in a simple change of the tooling.

It also allows you to increase or decrease the height of your tooling from the top of the router table or via a side handle on the Mast-R-Lift Excel II. Rather than on traditional router tables where you would need to use the plunge on your router itself. This makes the task not only hard to do, but also not extremely accurate.

Talk to one of our team today to identify which JessEm Router Table Kit will suit your woodworking needs!


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