Product Features

  • Easy operation for all environments
  • One person easily handles full-sized sheets accurately and safely
  • No casual operator contact; much safer than alternative panel cutting methods. Cuts both vertical and horizontal
  • Precise straight, square and accurate cuts
  • Digital readout that attaches to the QUICK STOP
  • One-piece steel welded frame. One-piece welded guide tube carriage for consistent accuracy
  • Quick and easy precision cuts- no need to use pencil marks
  • Utilizes ¾” diameter bearings for consistent accuracy and ease of loading and unloading
  • Powerful enough for tough cutting applications
  • can travel to work sites and fit into shops with limited floor space
  • Ideal for cutting 4’x8’sheets of material

Technical Information

  • Max Crosscut: 1270mm
  • Max Rip Cut: 2450mm
  • Max Cut Thickness: 45mm
  • Cut accuracy, straight and square: /0.8mm
  • Saw Blade diameter: /200mm
  • Motor: 7.5amp 230V
  • Frame length: 1525mm
  • Shipping weight: 86kg



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