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The unique patented Stabilizer® from Carter is very different from any traditional guide in that it is not designed to hold the blade with immovable support on three sides. Instead, its grooved bearing wheel firmly prevents the blade from moving backwards or shifting left or right while still permitting the front of the blade to twist slightly side to side. This allows the user to make tight radius complex curves that no traditional guide system can achieve.

With traditional guides and Carter Conversion kits you can still cut curves, but are limited by the width of your blade as to the radius of the curve. With the Stabilizer®, the blade can twist and turn so you are no longer limited by the blade width as to the radius of your curves.

Essentially the two guide types serve two distinct purposes: the Stabilizer® allows you to make elaborate scroll saw type cuts with your bandsaw; and our Carter roller bearing conversion kits provide the complete three side support that allows you to cut perfectly straight Resaw/rip cuts and traditional radius curves better then any other guide system on the market.









Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions15 × 8 × 6 cm
Available to suit:

Old JET 18"/20", Most machines with 3/4" post, All LAGUNA and newer JET models, JET cast 14", Most other cast 14", Saws with 7/16" stud, Rikon 18", Common 9" and 10" Saws


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