Product Features

  • MultiRest is compatible with lathe swing sizes from mini up to 20” with no additional hardware required
  • The base of the MultiRest™ has independently adjustable spacer blocks that provide a secure fit on lathe beds with way sizes from 1” to 4.5” in width
  • Each roller wheel assembly can be positioned anywhere around the ring to adjust the center position for a wide range of lathe sizes and part diameters.
  • The unique 2-piece design allows the MultiRest to be quickly opened while leaving the mounting base of the MultiRest still firmly attached to the lathe bed
  • This provides easy access when mounting or demounting parts or for sanding, shaping and other secondary operations
  • In addition, when separating the larger ring section from the MultiRest the remaining smaller section becomes a bowl rest, providing solid support behind the work piece yet fully exposing the opposite side of the piece for exterior cutting operations.



Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions60 × 60 × 14 cm


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