Product Features

  • Perfect Sphere™ Tool is a sphere and concave turning system adaptable to most lathes on the market
  • Heavy duty construction and flexible configuration allow you to turn spheres from 1 inch to 14 inches in diameter on most lathes from 10″ to 25″
  • Hunter Tool #4 carbide cutter provided with each system enables the tool a to cut the material versus a standard scraper which provides for a smooth cut and long lasting cutter head.

Technical Information

  • Adjustable mounting base that accommodates most lathe bed widths
  • Riser post which is available to fit lathes from 10″ to 24/25″
  • Riser post is based on lathe swing height (lathe size) and has nothing to do with the diameter of the sphere you want to turn
  • Due to the mounting height the largest diameter sphere you will be able to turn is your lathe swing height minus 2″

Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions39 × 28 × 12 cm


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