The Harvey Compass MG-36 Miter Gauge is engineered with the highest level of accuracy and quick adjustments. It is an essential accessory for all serious woodworker’s table saws. Eliminate inaccuracy, waste of time and material by investing in the best.

Product Features of the Harvey Compass MG-36 Miter Gauge

  • The positive index system includes tapered groves and a locking pin.
  • It’s easy to release the tension of the locking pin with two fingers instantly allowing the Miter Gauge to pivot and index to a new angle.
  • Positive adjustments can be made within 0.02mm (1/50th degree) or any manual angle in between.
  • 36″ crossing cutting capacity
  • The heavy-duty, black anodized crosscutting fence is a CNC milled extrusion of 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Positive spots and smart trigger lock


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