Product Features

  • Features a set of aluminium guide rails, with four polycarbonate templates attached with thumb screws
  • Has a slot to accommodate ceramic composite drill guide bushings
  • Drill guide bushings can be located any where within the range of the slot, allowing the tool to be adjusted to match any brand of drawer guide hardware
  • Templates are vertically adjustable to the users requirements

Technical Information

  • Drill Guide Bushings: Ceramic Nylon
  • Rails: Extruded Aluminium
  • Templates: Lexan-polycarbonate Plastic
  • Rail Connectors: Chrome Steel
  • Knobs: Plastic, with Steel Studs
  • Colour: Aluminium, Natural Plastic, Grey
  • Finish: Anodized Aluminium, Matte Plastic
  • Size: 11.75″w x 1.5″D x 28.75″ L Assembled


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