Product Features

  • The Forrest Dado King Blade Sets are the only dado set with a negative hook on all its teeth including the chippers. This effectively makes the teeth cut ‘up’ into the wood when used on the table saw which reduces tear out and gives a perfectly flat bottom.
  • No splintering, flat bottom grooves, cuts in all directions, cuts all sized grooves
  • Super hard carbide gives up to 300% longer life – good for plywood and composites
  • Cuts all sized grooves: -6.35mm to 23mm – incremental magnetic shims included
  • Blade sizes available: 150mm – 16mm bore , 200mm – 16mm bore
  • Each dado set includes 2x trim saws and 6x chippers
  • 24 #C-4 carbide tips on each trim saw – 4 #C-4 carbide tips on each chipper
  • Made in the USA – includes a blade runner plastic carry case
  • Shipping: 360 x 300 x 90mm – 4kg



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