Unlike other standard guards that are created to provide limited protection and dust control. The Harvey SHARK S – 12S Universal Overhead Guard is the ultimate overhead guard that was designed to provide safer working environments, cleaner workshops, and overall enjoyable working experiences.

Features and Technical Info

  • Built for durability, this guard is constructed with a hard chromed steel frame, cast steel joints and made from aircraft grade aluminium alloy material.
  • Unique 6 Degrees of Freedom allows for smooth and unrestrictive adjustments.
  • Higher dust collection efficiency results in cleaner work environments.
  • Transparent shield for protection without being visually restrictive.
  • User-friendly and suitable for 10” and 12” table saws as well as most machine types.
  • Dimensions: 1732mm x 542mm x 282mm
  • Net Weight: 46kg
  • Gross Weight: 54kg



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