Introducing the newly improved and return of the JessEm Mitre Gauge – the JessEm Mite-R-Excel II. The leader is precision mitre gauges. The JessEm product features 9 mitre detents with spring loaded indexing pins set at the most common degrees and designed for easy and accurate cutting.

The Guide Bar is custom designed with rolled steel from Sheffield, England. It has 34 swiss turned steel parts and laser engraved for accuracy.

Product Features

  • Spring loaded indexing pins for accurate cutting
  • 20″ front fence extrusion with telescopic stop that extends to 36″
  • Adjustable flip stop that can be used with a sacrificial fence up to 3/4″thick
  • Fence locating knob to reset the fence back to the correct distance to the blade.
  • Adjustable fence mount and bar snuggers that helps slide the mitre fence into the mitre slot with ease.


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