Product Features

  • 6 row ShearTec II helical cutterhead Deep gullets in the head allow chips to exit fast & keep the machining area clear of chips
  • 42 four-sided German carbide helical cutter inserts set into the head on a flat landing surface which allows more torque to be applied when fixing
  • Inserts are slightly angled to give a shear type cut with low impact and less kick-back
  • Insert leading edge crowned to prevent lines appearing
  • 6 rows of cutters in each head for premium results
  • 1422mm long bed allows for longer work pieces
  • Enclosed steel stand
  • In-feed table adjustment wedge bed w lever

Technical Information

  • Motor 1.5 HP
  • Single phase Cutter-Head: 5000 RPM
  • Cutting Width: 150mm
  • Cutting Depth: 12.5mm
  • 4 Sided Solid Carbide
  • 6 Rows X 7 = 42 inserts
  • Cutter-Head Diameter: 60mm
  • Table Dimensions: 150 X 1422mm
  • Fence Dimensions: 100 X 736mm
  • Fence Tilt: 90° & 45° with Positive Stop
  • Table Height: 805mm
  • Dust port: 100mm


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