Product Features

  • Machine equipped with CNC control complete with coloured touch screen
  • This control allows the creation of working projects to be saved either on the machine memory or directly on a flash drive through an USB port to be reloaded in the future.
  • The machine’s software, easy and intuitive allows, by meaning of pre-created macros, an easy programming of the project, assisted by a ‘step by step’ procedure to give dimensions as well as position on the profile of the chosen figure.
  • It is possible to append singular programs into an entire new project creating a complete working cycle that includes all needed jobs to be executed into a profile.
  • Turning Table 90°/0°/-90°
  • Single head copy router with turning table and variable speed
  • Machine particularly indicated for working on light alloys, PVC and tubular in steel and inox
  • Standard Equipment:
    – CNC control unit with colour monitor and touch screen system
    – USB port
    – USB flash drive pen
    – Safety frontal carpet
    -NR4 pneumatic clamps (manual adjustment)
    – Turning table at 90°/0°/-90°
    – Intermediate manual degrees
    – Spindle’s adjustment speed from 0 to 12000RPM
    – Working adjustable speed
    – 2HP three phase motor
    – Pneumatic spray mist unit
    – Spindle collet ER 25 diam. 8 with manual tool change
    – Profile stop(L)
    – Air filter
    – Air gun
    – Service spanners
  • Optional:
    – 3HP three phase motor (difference)
    – Spindle with quick tool change system – type ISO30
    – Safety perimeter fence (compulsory in CE markets)
    – Spindle collet type ER32
    – Collets of different diameter (each)
    – Profile Stop (R)
    – Packing in wooden crate

Technical Information

  • Motor: 1.5kW
  • Three phase: 230/400V – 50Hz
  • Motor RPM: 12000
  • Spindle: ER25
  • Operating pressure: 7 bar
  • Air consumption: 76lt/ciclo
  • Dimensions(cm): 371 x 148 x 178
  • Packaging(cm): 380 x 157 x 195
  • Weight: 905/1005
  • Working capacity:
    – At 0°: 2600X180X140
    – At 90°: 2600X180X90
    – At -90°: 2600X180X90


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