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Product Features

  • Comes with two additional accessories that improve the control and expandability of the GRR-Ripper System
  • Built to meet the needs of the professional woodworker or extreme hobbyist
  • With enhanced versatility features, the GR-200 will perform operations that were before very dicey and time-consuming with ease and speed
  • You will save time, materials, and fingers with the GRR-Ripper
  • The GR-200 includes these additional accessories:– The Adjustable Spacer – This accessory adds increased gripping surface for tackling larger stock. It also adds one inch of cutting width to the GRR-Ripper. Also, acts as a secondary balance support for small stock and straight-line ripping. Great add-on for working on the Router Table, and eliminating snipe. – The Stabilizing Plate – The Stabilizing Plate adds a new dimension of control to the GRR-Ripper. It is particularly useful when cutting small narrow pieces of stock. Perfect for trickier cuts like resawing, bevel edging, pattern routing, and much more.







Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions22 × 18 × 9 cm


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