Product Features

The Fusion offers a host of Deluxe features such as:

  • 2 speed industrial material cold saw
  • Centrically tensing vice, quadruple guiding, with individually adjustable jaws
  • Cutting is always performed at an optimum position towards the work piece
  • Clamping system with 4 levers
  • Solid machine substructure with holes to assemble the material stand, MSR4 on both sides
  • Removable coolant tank with integrated powerful pump
  • High-grade, fracture-proof and movable protective device with rapid opening mechanism provides optimum protection when cutting
  • Long handle allows sawing without great effort
  • Built-in switch with handle
  • Angular scale allows precise working
  • Swivel range -45degree to 45degree


Technical Information

  • Cutting ranges 90°: cylinder ∅100mm, rectangle 135 x 110mm, square 110 x 110mm
  • Cutting ranges 45°: cylinder ∅110mm, rectangle 110 x 90mm, square 95 x 95mm
  • Blade speed: 39, 19RPM
  • Max. blade size: 350mm
  • Motor: 1.5HP 3PH
  • Net dimensions: 920 x 620 x 1540mm
  • Package dimensions: 630 x 1000 x 1510mm
  • Net weight: 190kg
  • Gross weight: 212kg


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