Product Features

  • Made for the home handyman
  • Economical Chinese made Dust Extractor
  • More than capable of handling 2 machines
  • More lightweight than the industrial model with similar capacity
  • Easy to move around a workshop
  • Machine comes standard with nylon top bag
  • Bottom bag is a disposable poly bag

Technical Information

  • Motor: 2HP, 1 PH
  • Air suction w/o bag: 1200CFM
  • Inlet diameter: 150mm—2 x 100mm
  • Bag diameter: 500mm
  • Bag capacity: 168 litres
  • Overall dimensions: 1000 x 800 x 2000mm
  • Packing Dimensions: 920 x 580 x 580mm

The Whirlwind Advantage

  • Minimise filter clogging and subsequent health concerns from manual cleaning
  • Eliminates rapid performance drop due to premature filter clogging
  • Dramatically improves chip separation efficiency of single stage dust collectors
  • Aids in the quick fallout of chips into the collector bag instead of clogging the filter bag or canister



Additional information

Weight70 kg
Dimensions96 × 60 × 46 cm


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