Product Features

  • Solid and versatile, the only one with double shield adjustment
  • Suitable for installation on traditional drills, pantographs and similar machines
  • Protects operator from direct frontal contact with rotating spindle parts and from projection of shavings and lubricant coolant
  • Attachable on the left side of the machine
  • The semi-octagonal shield can be adjusted vertically by two different systems
  • shield arm group, adjustable through the micro switch group and is adjustable through the arm
  • The shield support clamp can be placed inside or outside allowing a wide range of horizontal adjusting
  • Complete with safety micro switch main box 180° rotation
  • Anchorage stirrup in pressed steel
  • Shield support vertical arm in steel hexagon
  • Arm-shield adjustment knob as regards the micro switch group
  • Semi-octagonal shield in Polycarbonate

Technical Information

  • Code: A, B, C
  • PTR02/180: 230, 180, 115   Weight: 2.6 kg

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions30 × 28 × 16 cm


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