Product Features

  • V grooving operations on composite materials, sandwich type ACM, solid surfaces
  • 90° grooving cutter, V-profile, for folding till 90°
  • 135° grooving cutter, V-profile, for folding till 135°
  • Rectangular grooving, U-profile, for folding till 150°, accordingly to the panel thickness
  • This device allows cutting and grooving without dissembling the tools

Technical Information

  • Max height of vertical cut: 2200mm
  • Max height of horizontal cut: 2080mm
  • Max length of cut: 4200mm
  • Max depth of cut: 60mm
  • Motor output: 5HP
  • Blade diameter: 250mm
  • Blade RPM: 5300mm
  • Motor output for scoring unit: 0.25HP
  • Scoring unit diameter: 80mm
  • Beam package: 310 x 113 x 115   500kg
  • Frame package: 561 x 22 x 235    500kg
  • Overall sizes: 575 x 140 x 315


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