Product Features

  • Equipped with interchangeable tool holders for helicoidal blade and sanding roller
  • Easy to adapt to the wanted finishing, just changing the tool holder with helicoidal blade or sanding roller in few minutes
  • The tool holder with helicoidal blade provides a high quality planning without traces and less noise, thanks to the oblique cutting
  • The abrasive roller can be used for sanding several kind of materials:
    – wood and its products
    – solid surface materials
    – synthetic materials
    – stripping paints on flat surfaces
  • Adjustable rear shoe regarding the cutting line of the tool holder
  • Its versatility makes it able to adapt to several kind of jobs just only changing tool holder
  • With the sanding roller it is possible to plane doors or shelves without risk to splinter them
  • There are several applications using the sanding roller such as:
    – Sanding wooden repairing splines
    – Planing panels made up with several layers of different materials
    – Repairing of surfboards

Technical Information

  • Input power: 700W
  • Cutting width: 80mm
  • Cutting depth: 0-3mm
  • Max. rabbeting depth: 11mm
  • No-load speed: 16500/min
  • Max. sanding depth: 0-1mm
  • Sanding roller width: 81mm
  • Weight: 3.2kg


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