Product Features

  • Special fixing system allows the mortising of doors that have already been hung, without damaging the surface
  • Its quick measurement adjustment permits multiple mortises to be made in record time
  • Possibility to trim the frontal lock plate just changing the bit
  • Equipped as standard with the accessory UT16l which allows to take references for drilling the hole for the handle and key cylinder
  • Able to work horizontally – Especially useful if deciding to make a series of mortises, with the doors unhung
  • For mortising grooved doors or those with overlap, there is an adjustment system to centre the machine
  • Optional bits are low cost and easily interchangeable, as they use the same tool-holding shaft

Technical Information

  • Input power: 1100W
  • Max. bit ∅: 30mm
  • No-load speed: 23000/min
  • Max. mortising depth: 0-125mm
  • Max. mortising length: 177mm bit∅
  • Max. clamp vise opening: 190mm


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