Woodman CS18 Docker

Designed and built for a fast cutting operation, the Woodman CS18 Docker is a well finished, fast and reliable docking saw.

Product Features

  • Available in either right or left hand configuration to suit work flow.
  • 455mm (18”) diameter saw blade, travelling up vertically to cut timber, from rest position below work table.
  • Cast iron work table on fabricated steel base.
  • Heavy moving safety guard to strongly clamp the timber to be cut by pneumatic pressure.
  • Overhead safety guards 300mm on each side of saw blade.
  • Two push button switches on front of machine to commence operation.
  • Hinged door on front of machine for easy access to working parts.
  • TCT saw blade included, with 120 teeth.
  • A well finished, fast and reliable docking saw.

Technical Information

  • Maximum section of workpiece: 245mm wide x 108mm high
  • (SMALLER WIDTH = GREATER HEIGHT): 327mm wide x  28mm high
  • Saw blade motor: 10hp, three phase
  • Compressed air consumption: 11.5 cfm @ 90 psi  (for 45 cycles/minute)
  • Dust extraction outlet on rear: 100mm diam (4”)


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