Product Features

  • Addition table
  • Standard protection hood
  • Pressure board
  • Centralised lubrication

Technical Information

  • Dimensions of sliding table: 2500 x 360mm
  • Width of cut between saw blade and rip fence: 1250mm
  • Saw blade diameter: Ø300mm
  • Height of cut Ø300mm: 80mm
  • Height of cut with saw blade 300mm at 45°: 55mm
  • Speed of main saw spindle: 4000/6000rpm
  • Spindle diameter: Ø30mm
  • Tilting saw blade: 0-45°
  • Main motor: 4kw
  • Scoring saw blade diameter: Ø120mm
  • Speed of scoring saw blade: 8000rpm
  • Scoring spindle diameter: Ø20mm
  • Scoring motor: 0.75kw
  • Net weight: 635kg
  • Gross weight: 780kg
  • Overall dimensions: 3250 x 3250 x 900mm


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