Gregory Machinery Service Department

Here at Gregory Machinery we pride ourselves in our experienced service and operations team with over 30 years of service experience. Our team of highly skilled technicians is our point of difference to our clients. The extensive department offers a seamless end to end service to complement our after sales experience.  This makes Gregory Machinery your single source supplier for all woodworking machinery, laser cutters, CNC machinery and Tigerstop measuring systems, just to name a few.

We have many different types of servicing available at Gregory Machinery.

General Periodic Machinery Maintenance

General machinery maintenance can be arranged through Gregory Machinery. These types of services are usually carried out on-site where the machine is set up, however we can arrange to do this work in our workshop as well.  The service is carried out generally annually or 6 monthly depending on the usage of the machine and focuses on service machinery that have no faults to ensure smooth running of the machine and no downtime for your business moving forward. Just like car services, it is important to regularly service some types of machinery. Chat to us about your machinery and how frequently you should be servicing it.

Breakdown Service

This service is usually carried out on-site and is normally only done when the machine has a breakdown affecting it’s working capacity.  Our specialised technicians will evaluate the machine and provide the next steps which could include fixing the machine on-site or discussing the issues and how it can be fixed.

Machinery Audit

This service was originally designed for the education sector to keep all the manual arts departments’ workshops safe and ensure the smooth running of their machinery. This is now a mandatory annual requirement of state and private schools. An initial audit is required by 30 December 2020. Request an audit here.

A machinery audit is becoming more widely used among businesses alike with safety upgrades being applied to many machines due to updated Health and Safety regulations.  Our technicians will come to your site, check overall machinery, photograph, document serial numbers, model, and provide a written report of each machine and what is required to bring it up to Standard Order Arrange (SOA). You will receive this report to decide what machinery need to be upgraded and the second part of this service is completing the works. A machinery quote will be provided once the Machinery Audit has been completed.  All our technicians are Building and Asset Services (BAS) approved.

Dust Extraction Service

This service is normally carried out annually but for high usage systems, it may need to be completed 6 monthly or quarterly. The purpose of these services is to ensure the air quality is the optimal level to ensure the Health and Safety of all Staff/Students in the workshop areas. The pleated filters/socks are changed and professionally cleaned and returned to you upon the next visit once you are in our Filter Exchange System.

Resharpen Blades

We can resharpen blades for you they can either be changed onsite by our technician and we return them to site so you have a spare onsite at all times or they can be returned to us for resharpening and returned to yourself for changing.

Machinery Modifications

This type of service is always custom made to your machinery and workshop requirements.

Machinery Relocations

We have our own trucks to facilitate the moving of machines should you workshop need moving.

Machinery Delivery & Installation

Upon purchasing your new equipment from Gregory Machinery we can offer Delivery and Installation of your machines.

Machinery Delivery Only

Upon purchasing your new equipment from Gregory Machinery we can offer delivery either via our own trucks or transport.