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The bestselling Laguna 14 BX Bandsaw is a tough bandsaw to beat in the Australian market, however, it’s important to know the facts before you make the investment into a new bandsaw.

Most woodwork enthusiasts are looking to purchase the best bandsaw, and it can be confusing to do the comparison on models that often look very similar.

The main bandsaws available in the 14” range that compare to the Laguna 14BX are the Carbatec 14” Heavy Duty, Rikon 14″ Professional and Sherwood 14″ Heavy Duty. Here’s a comparison on the key features across the range.

Laguna 14BX vs Carbatec 14” Heavy Duty Bandsaw (BS-X3452C)

The Carbatec Heavy Duty Bandsaw has gone through some changes to try and compete with the big boys like Laguna. This Carbatec machine offers a 2HP motor compared to Laguna’s 2.5HP. They have improved the wheel type from cast alloy to cast iron and attempted an extra high cutting capacity of 360mm, which is higher than Laguna’s 330mm. This cutting capacity is put to the test in a video demonstration with plywood, not a sturdy Australian hardwood that would truly test the bandsaw’s capacity.

What it lacks compared to the Laguna 14” Bandsaw:

  • The Laguna 14BX bandsaw incorporates Laguna’s unique disc braking system coupled with a micro switched motor means the blade is brought to a complete stop in a matter of seconds with little effort instead of ten seconds that motor braking takes.
  • The foot operated disc brake system allows the user/operator to safely keep control of the material being processed in case of an emergency. This is because both hands remain securely in control of the stock while you activate the foot brake. Opposed to being forced to release one of your hands and reach across the front of the blade to activate the emergency stop. This key safety feature is one loved by many Laguna customers, including education departments.
  • The Ceramic guide system is another massive draw card. You can say goodbye to the older technology, inaccuracy and unreliability of conventional bearing guides. Ceramic guides due to their hardness and the fact they are self-lubricating will remain cool and can be set right up against the band giving you the best possible chance of straight and accurate cutting. This is unlike bearing guides which have to be set away from the band otherwise they will burn out and inevitably allows lateral movement or play.

[Review from an Australian forum…]
“After tracking down a local that owned one [Carbatec] and going over to use his saw, I discovered that it wasn’t much better than the cheapie I already owned and the price was very much that of the Laguna…..Long story short I purchased the Laguna and I now have what is the best saw I know of in that price range with no regrets.”

Laguna 14BX compared to the Rikon 14” Professional Bandsaw (Model 10-353)

While the Laguna 14” Bandsaw doesn’t need any extra explanation, the competitors need to include details of ‘professional’ or ‘heavy duty’ to highlight it’s worth. The Rikon 14” Professional Bandsaw has a larger motor capacity than the Laguna at 3HP compared to 2.5HP and re-cutting capacity of 350mm, which is promoted as ideal for re-sawing lumber. It’s worth asking for a test of this feature to ensure it does what it says. Regardless the Laguna 14BX still offers the largest capacity motor at 2.5HP in its class that affords the simple flexibility of plugging directly into a standard 10amp circuit.

What it lacks compared to the Laguna 14” Bandsaw:

  • The Rikon Bandsaw runs conventional bearing guides which again don’t provide the same straight cutting accuracy as ceramic guides particularly over this capacity. Laguna’s unique ceramic guide system not only offer your increased accuracy as they provide not only ten points of contact compared with only six on conventional bearing guides but offer full width contact on even the widest of blades.
  • Added to this the bottom bearing guide set sits well below the table. While this offers better access making these guides easier to adjust they are effectively too far away from critical point where the cut is being made to offer any real accuracy or support.
  • This machine is manufactured in China not by the Laguna Taiwanese manufacturer that focuses on quality machinery and is continuously developing the bandsaws to be the best in the global market.

Laguna Bandsaw compared to Sherwood 14″ Bandsaw Heavy Duty

On paper the Sherwood 14” Heavy Duty bandsaw is the closest comparison to the Laguna 14” BX Bandsaw. The main difference is this Laguna copy is made in China instead from a Taiwanese manufacturer like Laguna. It has a foot brake, high cutting capacity and ceramic guides, all inline with the Laguna version.

What it lacks compared to the Laguna 14” Bandsaw:

  • The Laguna automatic disc foot brake ensures the safety of the user and the material if an emergency happens and the blade needs to be stopped instantaneously. The Sherwood bandsaw has a mechanical foot brake not providing the same level of safety in an emergency.
  • The Sherwood machine includes a ceramic guide system with 6 points of contact, instead of the seriously accurate 10 points of contact found on the Laguna machine.
  • In addition to providing 10 points of contact Laguna’s ceramic guide system offer easy tool free adjustments for quicker and easier blade changes and setting up.
  • The Laguna bandsaw has a two position high/low fence providing support against the timber for all sizes of timber sawing. This feature is not available on the Sherwood modeling and can become difficult when cutting smaller material with a large fence to awkwardly work next to.


Overall, there are some pretty powerful bandsaws available in the Australian market and with some impressive features on paper. The Laguna’s unique features of the disc foot brake, micro-switched motor, ceramic guide system and impression cutting capacity makes it one of best.

If you’re still tossing up, call us to arrange a demonstration and then test the same piece of wood on the other bandsaws to see the difference. We’d be happy to also talk you through some of the other key features of our Laguna 14” BX Bandsaw.

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