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Laguna Tools & Machinery

Laguna have been designing and manufacturing high quality woodworking machinery for decades. Gregory Machinery introduced Laguna Tools to Australia back in 2012. Laguna Australia has grown the range of woodworking tools working with the US based team to expand the range.

Woodworking machinery range

Back in 2012 we started selling the Laguna 14″ SUV Bandsaws. Now, we stock the full range of Laguna woodworking machinery. This includes the most popular Laguna bandsaws, table saws and wood lathes. As well as the best thicknessers, jointers (planers), dust extractors, sanders and spindle moulders. See the full range below.

Shop with ease

All Laguna machinery from Gregory Machinery come with after-sale service. This includes technical advise from our service team. We have the most experience with the Laguna machinery in Australia. We know the tools inside and out.

Shop the range below and get in touch to discuss your workshop requirements.


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