Harvey Machinery

Harvey Machinery

The Harvey Machinery range of high-quality woodworking machinery aims to give the Australian woodworking community the tools to complete all wood projects. The premium range of machinery ensures years of stress-free operation.

ALPHA Series

The ALPHA Series is the brand new product line which represents the state-of-the-art innovations and technology. Ideal for those who believe that “Good Enough is Not Enough”. As a result, all of the ALPHA machines have been totally re-designed with new ideas, and therefore redefining the standards of woodworking in the future.

The most popular machines are the Alpha HW110LC-36 Table saw and Alpha 15″ Bandsaw. See below.

Ambassador Series

The Ambassador range of woodworking machinery is ideal for those serious home hobbyists and DIY woodworkers. The machinery provides high-quality features at affordable prices. Therefore, it’s a great entry-level series.

Check out the Ambassador table saws and the 14″ and 18″ bandsaws. Shop the range below. Or, get in touch to discuss your workshop needs.


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