Product Features

  • Clamping opening from 6 to 10mm, both are protected to avoid to damage the piece held
  • Easy and fast use, the piece to be held is fixed just with its pressure
  • Easy extraction thanks to the foot pedal
  • Two inflatable pneumatic wheels allow to move it in an easy way, even to go up some stairs
  • Wheels can be blocked for a stationary use of the support, so it is possible to do some work on the door or panel
  • Practical and strong design, ideal for several kind of works for the professional woodworkers
  • It is possible to hold and carry pieces up to 200kg of weight.
  • Allows just one person to hold and carry all kind of panels and heavy doors

Technical Information

  • Max. piece thickness: 6-110mm
  • Max. piece weight: 200kg
  • Weight: 8kg


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